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Work Day Report (Cooperation makes the world go round!)

Today was a truly great day for Quebec Lodge. We had 11 Work Day volunteers!

-Daniel Cuffling (QL Camper Alumnus), Marcel Sheen, and John Rainsford - all three professional landscapers - volunteered their time, expertise, and the use of their equipment: hedge cutter, pole saw, chainsaws,and leafblowers. This helped us get an amazing amount of brush-clearing done, opening up a whole new area on the slope in front of the Lodge-to-be, and beyond the yurts. Check out their company on the South Shore of Montreal These guys love what they do! -Catherine Gibson and Paul Bode also came from Montreal and tackled a lengthy, precision paint job in the cold: staining the frames of the back doors of the yurts. -Brian Wharry brought food for the day, coordinated the work, and discussed camp operations with Kelly Hurdle.

-Kelly Hurdle dragged big branches and trees into piles, and met with Brian. -Bill Crooks worked with a leaf-blower, trimmer, and dragged trees.

-Jordan Wharry worked with a leaf-blower for a long while! And dragged trees.

-I worked with a hedge-cutter on thin brush.

-Forms for the foundation of Bodtker Lodge arrived.

-Adam Salt dropped in to see how we were doing near the end of the day, and walked into his surprise birthday celebration! Acadian Spice Cake and Vanilla ice cream. Happy Birthday, sir!

On behalf of the entire QLOC Community: THANK YOU IMMENSELY to our hard-working and spirited volunteers. You've left a real mark on the site. A great day to remember. MILLES MERCIS!

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