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Journée Portes Ouvertes

Québec Lodge organisera une journée portes ouvertes le samedi 15 juin, 2019, de 11 heures à 14 heures. C'est une opportunité pour venir visiter le nouveau site et pour avoir une meilleure idée des activités qui se déroulent au camp. L'évènement est COMPLÈTEMENT GRATUIT incluant des Hot-Dogs, de l'animation pour toute la famille, des tours guidés personalisés du site Quebec Lodge et encore plus. L'équipe a bien hâte de rencontrer de nouveaux campeurs et de nouvelles campeuses, de rencontrer des amis et de la famille du camp et de revoir des campeurs qui reviennent parmi nous cet été. Venez nous voir, ça en vaut le coup !

Open House Event

Quebec Lodge will be hosting an Open House event on Saturday, June 15th, 2019 from 11 am to 2 pm. It's a great opportunity to come visit the new site and get an idea of what kind of activities happen at camp. The event is TOTALLY FREE including hot dogs, animation for the whole family, personalized tours of the Quebec Lodge grounds and much more. The staff is excited to meet new campers, friends and family of the camp and to see returning campers. Come check it out, it's worth it!

Work Day a great success

Thank you to all who helped today. So much was accomplished in such a short time because of your volunteer help (13 people!). These photos do not adequately capture the variety of jobs, or each volunteer in action, nor can they convey the physical efforts made. -Large piles of rotting wood were moved away from main site. -We had 4 (!) skilled individuals on chainsaws clearing new deadfall obstructions on the path to the beach, cutting down many dead trees in the adjacent forest, and then cutting them into moveable sections. -Leafblowers were used to efficiently clean up large areas of Main Site, and Pioneer. -Piles of brush were put through the Wood Chipper. -Wood chips were spread out

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