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Work Day a great success

Thank you to all who helped today. So much was accomplished in such a short time because of your volunteer help (13 people!). These photos do not adequately capture the variety of jobs, or each volunteer in action, nor can they convey the physical efforts made. -Large piles of rotting wood were moved away from main site. -We had 4 (!) skilled individuals on chainsaws clearing new deadfall obstructions on the path to the beach, cutting down many dead trees in the adjacent forest, and then cutting them into moveable sections. -Leafblowers were used to efficiently clean up large areas of Main Site, and Pioneer. -Piles of brush were put through the Wood Chipper. -Wood chips were spread out in the picnic table area. -Hedge cutters and trimmers were used to cut small, low stumps. -New areas beyond yurts towards stream were opened up. -The Wood Chipper, a heavy piece of equipment, was stuck in mud twice. Extraction required significant creative thinking and teamwork! -8 of us went to Woods in Ayer's Cliff afterwards. Thank you Nate Wharry, Jordan Wharry, Christopher Crawford, Brian Wharry, Daniel Cuffling, John Rainsford, Marcel Scheen, Sam Paquette, Adam Salt, Bill Crooks, Catherine Gibson, Paul Bode. · Updated 13 minutes ago

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