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Today at camp

Went on a road trip today to QL. They have been working hard since my last visit.

Kitchen counter window visible!

"Oh it's cold out there" -Brian. Just behind the construction worker you can see an opening in the wall. That's the open window between the kitchen and dining area for a counter. Note the large windows on the right!

Stop in at Quebec Lodge

Took a little ride this morning and stopped in to see how work was going at Quebec Lodge. They had a good start yesterday but stopped today due to the snow. topped today due to the snow.

Where is all this construction happening??

To orient those who knew the old site - pour s'orienter si vous connaissez l'ancien site: -Note lake on the left and Chemin du Lac on the right. -The grey area is the old site no longer owned by Quebec Lodge (note Rec Hall on lower left). -The white area is the new site. The entrance to the new site is maybe 60 metres south (down) from the entrance to Pioneer, but on the lake side of the road. -Note that Pioneer and the Pine Forest are not shown. These are both retained by the new Quebec Lodge. -The parking lots (both sides of road), the playing field and the yurt village closest to Lodge have been built. The Lodge is currently under construction. -The Lodge is oriented to look north

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