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The Outdoor Centre

The Quebec Lodge Outdoor Centre, offering summer programs since 2016, is a secular camp with charitable status for the purposes of education.  That status was granted to the camp by the Canada Revenue Agency in 2015.  The camp program emphasizes active, hands-on, small-group Environmental Education and Healthy Living Skills Education.  

From 1943 until its closure in 2005, Quebec Lodge was an Anglican church camp that welcomed campers of all backgrounds.  After a period of summer camping in Leeds, Quebec, Bishop Philip Carrington, in 1943, led the establishment of the Lake Massawippi camp at a site in North Hatley.  In the early 1950s, the camp moved halfway down the east side of the lake where hundreds of children enjoyed their summers year after year.


Unfortunately financial difficulties forced the Diocese of Quebec to close the camp and sell a portion of the property. Following the closure of the camp, the Quebec Lodge Foundation, composed of a number of concerned local citizens and several former campers, worked for many years to obtain a new charitable status as a secular, educational camp and to reestablish the camp on the still significant remaining property. 

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The Quebec Lodge Foundation

Foundation Board Members: Ruth Sheeran (President), Tom Matthews (Vice-President), Kylie Côté (Treasurer), Johanne D'Iorio (Secretary), Avril Aitken, Sarah Heath, John Moses, Peter Provencher, Stephen Stafford, Andrew Wanka, Brian Wharry (ex officio). 

Camp Management Committee
: Avril Aitken, Shanna Bernier, Karen Dymond, Wendy King, Lorne Lemarquand, Tom Matthews, Melanie Roarke (ex officio), Ruth Sheeran (ex officio), Brian Wharry (ex officio)

Foundation Members: Nils Bodtker, William Crooks, John Hoblyn, Kelly Hurdle, Bill Letteney, David Oliver, James Oliver, Duncan Plaunt, Tom Redpath.

Staff: Brian Wharry (Director), Melanie Roarke (Financial Administrator).

Recent History

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