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PIONEER: Firemaking sites, Open Forest, Trails

PINE FOREST:(currently unavailable) Ropes Course, Stream, Trails.

Taylor Road to 143

Chemin du Lac to 143 (turn right on 143 for Ayer's Cliff)

Chemin du Lac towards North Hatley 

The Old Train Bridge

The Boathouse

Sample of Boathouse Art


The Yurt


Stream bed during a dry month


Forest Path to Stream

Main Path

Picnic Tables

The Pilsen, NH



“After a summer at QL, I had a full year of stories which ultimately left me with lifelong warming memories and special friendships."

-Kim Drummond, Camper and Staff, 1990s.

The Stream

The Quebec Lodge Outdoor Centre

Hatley, Quebec, Canada

To the Beach

Parking Lot

Friendly raft down the lake

Around Perkin's Point


The Rock

The Beach

(Best on the Lake!)

Rope Bridge

Cargo Net

Zip Line

First Bridge

Marsh Bridge

Stream Hikers

Forest Wide Games

Alumni Spirit 

Chemin du Lac  

Chemin du Lac  

Looking North

“Would recommend.  Was fun, especially swimming and the rope activity thingy. #bestcampever"


“Quebec Lodge aims high!"

-Duncan Plaunt, Foundation Member.

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