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Quebec Lodge offers environmental education summer camps where youth learn in a safe, fun and interactive environment. 

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Day Camp

Quebec Lodge offers a day camp for youth aged 7 to 15 years old. 

Day camps runs Monday to Friday, July 1st to July 19th and July 29th to August 16th,

from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm

Overnight  Camp

Quebec Lodge offers a residential camp for youth aged 7 to 15 years old.

Overnight camps run weekly  from July 8th to July 20th &

July 28th to  August 10th, from Sunday 3:00 pm to Friday 7:00pm

Learning at Quebec Lodge

The program is designed to give children an appreciation and knowledge of nature through active learning in the natural environment while teaching skills, growing confidence, and inspiring teamwork. Stewardship is an important guiding value at Quebec Lodge.

What will we learn?

Our program is centered around 4 competencies that are developed in various fun activities

Cooperates with others

Adopts a Healthy Lifestyle

Uses Information

Environmental Literacy

The QL team is working hard to plan a terrific summer! These competencies will be developed in a series of diversified and fun activities such as: Archery, Fire Building, Outdoor Cooking, Low Ropes, Animal Observation, Fishing, Art and so much more!

Why Choose QL ?

“My QL experience presented me with a challenge to 'find my way' in a new environment.  Today, as I look back from the age of 73, I can only conclude that those youthful adventures provided my roadmap to get through life in the best possible way!”



Nils Bodtker, Lead Supporter

"Quebec Lodge is a special place that allows children to meet friends and nature. Our son has been a QL camper for the last two summers. He’s already asking which weeks he will be at camp this year! Spending quality time with trees, plants, water, campfires, and canoes is a summer dream come true."

Quebec Lodge Parent

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