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Camp Director Brian Wharry: 30th year with Quebec Lodge!

2019 marks Camp Director Brian Wharry's 30th Year with Quebec Lodge. On behalf of the entire Quebec Lodge family, Thank You, Brian, and Congratulations!


The Board of the Quebec Lodge Foundation wishes to Thank and Congratulate Camp Director Brian Wharry for 30 Years of Dedicated Service to Quebec Lodge, to the Communities it serves, and to the Tradition of Summer Camping. Since 1990, Brian has served as Counselor, Director of Pioneer Camp and New Hampshire Adventure Weeks, Assistant Camp Director, Member of the Foundation Board, and now Director of the Quebec Lodge Outdoor Centre. When Quebec Lodge closed in 2005, Brian established Brookside Outdoor Centre in Fitch Bay, keeping together a summer community of many Quebec Lodge campers and staff, while simultaneously working on the challenging, multi-year effort to save and then re-establish Quebec Lodge on the Lake Massawippi site. As we enter Brian's 30th year, the new Quebec Lodge Outdoor Centre is thriving. Thank You, Brian, for your Wholehearted Commitment over 30 years.

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